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The name is Jagoda, means Strawberry in Polish and Czech. kind of cold and jealousy lass. Dislike talk too much, haters, backstabbers, liars. I have a golden retriever, Phoenix, my eternity buddy. I'd rather spent my time with Piano and Cello, than socializing.
I love cars and motorcycles, club and dance floor, magazines and novels, room and library, Tequilla and Martini, black and white, Porsche and Volvo.

Jagoda Reév. originally a fictional character based on the moderator's imagination and inspiration. made for Roleplaying purposes only.I'm not related nor claiming myself as those girls whom I use as my playby. I'm not a fake nor posers since I'm the first whom using this name and character in this roleplay world. Dislike ? move to another page. Ghosts and spies might be detached!

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